System for monitoring and control of wastewater treatment

Implementation of system for monitoring and control of  wastewater treatment in order to improve the quality, safety and capacity with existing equipment. The solution now allows easy expansion of the system, its reliability and easy maintenance. 

During implementation of the system it was necessary to pay attention to the technological requirements and previously done works (mounted equipment, devices and installations).

Wastewater treatment is based on: the acceptance of waste water in the equalization basin, the recovery of heat content of the waste water through the heat exchanger and the neutralization of waste water into the reactors. The temperature of waste water is untill 80°C and it is cooling through the heat exchanger. The heated water is discharged into a storage tank from which hot water is then used for technological purposes. The cooled waste water is conducted into the reactor for neutralization which are equipped with a stirrer and a pH meter. In these reactors, NaOH is put into via line for the prepared solution.

The system was implemented with a programmable logic controller and touch panel. The system is running in automatic mode, while the manual mode is used only for technological interventions. Via touch panel, it is provided: visualization of technological process, choose of working mode, displaying of alarms, remote manual switching on/off of motors and valves, logging operators on the system, information about the elements of the system, etc. PLC controls the operation of the system by defined technological process. For all motors and valves it is calculated working time and number of starts, and running and failure signalization.