System for automatic control of fecal pumping station

The system consists of the following functional elements: measuring and signaling equipment, automatic control cabinet with PLC and associated equipment, touch panel and GSM modem. Data is sent wirelessly by GSM modem from the pumping station to the predefined mobile users. Data transmission is done using the existing public GSM network by sending and receiving SMS messages. PLC is connected to the GSM modem via serial interface and the GSM modem control is done by sending AT commands from the PLC.

Touch panel is connected to the PLC and give the possibility for local control and system monitoring. Pumping station with the elements of the system, continuous change in the level of the tank, states of the elements and signaling of alarm conditions are displayed on the panel. The operator could click on the corresponding button to view a trend, see the total flow rate or to get information about working time of each pump individually, in pairs, and the total amount of working time for all pumps. Operator, by entering the appropriate code, could enter into service mode of the system. In the service mode operator gets information essential for electrical and mechanical maintenance including: date and time of last intervention, working time and switching number for all pumps. If the intervention is done, operator confirms the type of services (electrical and/or mechanical) and the level of service. Upon confirmation, new last time of intervention is memorized and working time of pump is reset. In service mode, it is possible to manually turn on (turn off) the pumps. When the minimum (maximum) level in tank is reached, button START (STOP) is not visible, because of the pump safety and overflowing the tank.