GPRS monitoring system

An application for monitoring base stations by using GPRS for data transfer was developed in LabVIEW programming environment.  In the application, Modbus data was encapsulated in UDP packet and sent through GSM modem to remote GPRS routers. Application consists of server and client application. Server application runs as a service on the server computer which is connected to GSM modem. Client applications are installed on remote computers and connected to server application over Internet.

Software is completely configurable and allows: defining location (adding, removing and modifying data), defining alarms, modifying operator's passwords for logging on remote locations, defining names of servicers and groups for sending SMS messages, defining user profiles for logging into the system. In a table of remote locations, current status of all alarms is shown. In the list of alarms and events, in every moment there are currently active and/or unconfirmed alarms and events. All of the alarms, events and important administrator’s actions, are saved in a database. Software also enables searching the database by different criteria and export to MS Excel.