Modern teaching tool which uses the concept of virtual instrumentation for the implementation of lab experiments in physics, chemistry, biology and vocational subjects.

Each kit allows teachers to complement and expand existing demonstration with experiments and exercises in which the process of measuring physical quantities is simplified. This allows students to focus on learning principles rather than measurement method.

For realization of the exercises following items are needed:

- PC (not part of the kit)  

- Basic set (Main board, USB cable, CD with software, Instructions in electronic form)  

- Some of the additional Schoolio sets of exercises (each additional kit contains the necessary components, sensors, cables). 

Main Schoolio board contains data acquisition device (standard industrial product) which perform all the measurements and signal generation. The classroom does not need any additional device (multimeter, oscilloscope or function generator) because Schoolio contains them all. The student connects the appropriate circuit with sensors, and run the program - a virtual instrument developed in  LabVIEW software. Program provides the required visual interface that allows you to control and display the measurement results and generate reports (txt, Word and Excel format) for each student.

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