PAT 02

PAT (Physical Ability Test) is a computerized system used for testing physical abilities of individuals and teams. It's consisted of modules for evaluation of the speed, agility, explosive power of lower limb, isometric force, force development rate, and measurement of dynamic parameters such as maximum force, maximum and average power, etc. in the so-called isoinertial mode.

PAT 02 (Physical Ability Test)

The system consists of a data acquisition device, application software and the group of sensors, which are being used depending on the measurement.

PAT 02 tests

Speed and agility tests

By measuring the elapsed time at a given distance and passing times in places between the start and the finish, it is possible to estimate the speed as well as change of pace. Test can be initiated by randomly generated light signal, which enables to measure response time to the light stimulus. Combining appropriate sensors, various repeated sprint and agility tests could be performed.

This kit contains the following components:  

- Data acquisition device with a power cord 

- Three running sensors MST-1 with cable  

- Three retroreflectors 

- Five branches for connecting running sensors  

- Set of cables to connect the running sensors (50m, 30m, 20m, 10m)  

- Three signal lamps with cable  

- Nine tripods Hama Star 61  

- Application software  

- Manual

Jumping tests 

By measuring elapsed time between two contacts with the ground at the start and the end of the jump, it is possible to calculate the vertical jump heights as well as the relative power. The measurement starts when the examinee either contact the ground after the jump or when he/she releases the ground at the beginning of the jump. The measurement ends after a predefined number of jumps or after specified time interval.

This kit contains the following components:   

- Data acquisition device with a power cord,  

- Surface sensors MSA-12A (optical), 

- Application software  

- Manual 

Isometric dynamometry  

By measuring force exerted against the external loads and its change in time, it is possible to estimate the isometric muscular strength as well as the rate of force development.

This kit contains the following components:  

-Data acquisition device with a power cord, 

-Power strip with air conditioning 

-Application software  


Isoinertial dynamometry  

By measuring distance covered by moving external load it is possible to compute dynamic characteristics of that movement and based on these characteristics to estimate so called isoinertial strength of muscular groups of interest. Maximal distance, speed, power and work done could be measured: in concentric (lifting the weight), eccentric (lowering the weight) and concentric-eccentric (lifting and lowering the weight) modes.

This kit contains the following components:  

- Data acquisition device with a power cord  

- Encoder with cable  

-Application software  

- Manual 

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