Seminar: Industrial Measurement Systems and Data Management

In cooperation with our partner National Instruments, we would like to kindly invite you to the Industrial measurement systems and data management seminar focusing on architectures for measurement applications and efficient management of measured data. You will get a chance to see multiple demonstrations of industrial measurement systems in practice during this half a day event. Please note that the presentations will be held in Serbian.

Seminar will be held on March 22, 2016 at BestWestern Hotel M.

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During the seminar we will answer two fundamental questions and cover the following topics: 
  1)    How to collect the data? 

You will see architectures of measurement systems on industrial examples such as: 

  • Laboratory portable benchtop instrument for electronics design validation
  • Interactive data-logger for refrigerator component validation
  • Mobile data-logger for vehicle road tests
  • IP 67 data-logger for harsh environment of crane structure measurement
  • Complex measurement system (100’s channels) for wind tunnel measurements
  • Noise source localization
  • System for online monitoring to prevent machine failure, etc. 

2)    How to find the right data, make conclusions and not to spend hours on it? 

  • How to make the file searchable
  • Find the right data locally or on the network
  • Data Plugins – a way how to open any data file
  • Automated analysis – process hundreds of files on a click
  • Automated report generation – get automatically report at the end of your measurement

During the seminar NI engineers will be available for consultation. Use this opportunity to discuss with NI experts your ongoing projects.

Who should attend?

  • Process engineers
  • Quality engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Educators in technical fields such as electrical, machine or civil engineering
  • Anybody else who is interested in measurement and data processing