UNO-LUX NS basic activities are:

•    Design and engineering for the automation of processes and machines;

•    Development of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems;

•    Development of custom measurement systems;

•    Production of high quality products with superior reliability 

Automation of processes and machines

UNO-LUX NS is qualified for designing and development of all hierarchical levels of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and complete integration with existing systems. We can design and develop automation of a single machine to a complete process (plant).

The equipment that we use:

• PLC programmable logic controllers

• PAC programmable automation controllers

• Touch panels and

• Various types of sensors and actuators

UNO-LUX NS is integrator, Silver Alliance Partner, of a company National Instruments, world well-known manufacturer of measurement, data acquisition and control equipment - hardware and software,  that we mostly use in our production due to reliability and high quality. All applications are implemented in a higher programming language LabVIEW.

The Company also uses the equipment of the following manufacturers: Weintek, AutomationDirect (Koyo PLC) etc.

Measurement and data acquisition systems

Measurement and data acquisition systems are based on the concept of virtual instrumentation-software defined hardware. Types of platforms that we use:

• USB and PCI multifunction and dedicated acquisition cards,

• Modular USB CompactDAQ systems,

• The acquisition modules with integrated signal conditioning,

• PXI industrial computers and

• The latest generation of CompactRIO platforms independent of the computer for work in difficult conditions.

In our operations, we are led by the mission of using modern technology and our own development to provide customers with high-quality and functional products. Because of that we decided to use several different National Instruments platforms for the development of our products. All of these platforms are based on the latest technologies and represent the latest trends in the field of measurement and automation. They are distinguished by high performance, reliability and high quality of the measurements. Platforms that use the NI CompactDAQ, NI CompactRIO, NI PXI and others. More details on the platforms that we use can be seen here.

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