The software, which offers new possibilities in data collection, analysis and presentation of data from anywhere, at any time!

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LabVIEW is your tool to solve today’s problems faster and more effectively with the capacity to evolve to meet your future challenges. LabVIEW offers complete integration with all measurement hardware, existing legacy software, and IP while capitalizing on the latest computing technologies.

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There are various LabVIEW packages, which offer relevant add-ons and complementary software specific to:

  • automated testing, 
  • embedded control and monitoring, 
  • HIL and testing in real time.

LabVIEW enables you to work with the latest hardware, which includes:

  • reliable and flexible 4-slot CompactDAQ and CompactRIO systems, 
  • software-defined instrument such as a PXI Express 8-channel oscilloscope with high resolution and 
  • VirtualBench, software-defined multi-function instrument.
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