FCJJ-25 i-H2GO

The World’s Most Technologically Advanced Toy Car!

Featuring a real-working hydrogen fuel cell, the advanced engineering in this remote control vehicle will leave you breathless! Where, oh where to begin?  No batteries are required as the included solar power plant will send electricity to charge the refueling station, or if no sun is available, just plug the refueling station into your laptop via USB.

Controlled via your smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android systems, the world’s first gyroscopic steering system operates off the free APP downloadable on iTunes. With no need for additional RC control unit, there is no need for extra batteries. A super cool feature is the Speed Lock which liberates your fingers from the accelerator, like a cruise control function. 

Download free app on iTunes or Google Play !

The Science Behind  i-H2GO
The refueling station electrolyzes water, separating it into its two main constituents, hydrogen and oxygen. Its plunger lifts as hydrogen is filled inside its temporary hold, for one quick pump action to refuel the car. Oxygen molecules are released into the ambient air, they form the bubbles you see being released from the refueling station's water tank. The chemical energy of Hydrogen will be converted to electrons using the fuel cell inside the car. The fuel cell will operate the opposite process, which is to combine hydrogen and oxygen (from the oxygen in the air) into water, and produce a flow of electrons ... electricity ... which powers the car's motor.

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